Our Guidance

Purpose & Vision


The CSR Group provides tools and solutions for a holistic approach to responsible business.


To enable organizations to evolve into forces for positive social and environmental change in all the communities in which they operate, thereby creating a more sustainable world.

The CSRG Story

Where we’ve been:

In 2002 The CSR Group launched as a pioneer in corporate social responsibility consulting. For the past decade we’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies on CSR Strategy, Ethics, Stakeholder Engagement, Sustainability Reporting, and CSR Communications. Through our work with past clients including Dell, Brown-Forman, The Coca Cola Africa Foundation, and Whole Foods Market, we have developed great breadth and depth of knowledge. These experiences have helped clarify our core values and shape our direction over the years.

Where we are:

Now, as we begin our 2nd decade of helping organizations define and realize their sustainability goals, we’ve been thinking long and hard about how to bring our services to a broader audience. Can we democratize sustainability and create a more inclusive conversation? Can we increase the number of medium-sized and small businesses that are growing and thriving through implementing responsible practices?

Where we’re going:

In shifting our focus from intensive one-on-one consulting to guidance through tools and solutions, we reach a broader audience. Our subscription services and a-la-carte offerings empower any organization in any industry to become a responsible business and contribute to a more sustainable world.  

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