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The following menu of services, provided by The CSR Group, encompasses a complete sustainability strategy. A client may elect to contract any or all of the services described herein.



The CSR Group provides support in the development of a comprehensive sustainability strategy and program on a monthly retainer basis. Our advisory services allow you to receive expert advice on a variety of strategic and tactical sustainability and CSR issues as they arise, and provide an information umbrella that supports and gives context to the other specific services contained in this menu. 



The Self-Assessment Tool is an Excel based analytic process. This self- administered tool will guide a client through a “sustainability audit” to illuminate strengths and weaknesses. The Tool was created as a simplified version of our full auditing service and covers five key areas:

  1. CSR Evolution

  2. Ethics and Governance

  3. Stakeholder Engagement

  4. Environmental Practice

  5. Society

The self-administered CSR Self Assessment Tool (“the Tool”) will guide the client through a confidential internal broad based assessment to illuminate the company’s overall CSR/Sustainability performance. The performance indicators used in the assessment are drawn from leading CSR indicators. The results of the assessment will provide crucial insight fundamental to the development of an overall CSR/Sustainability strategy and report – highlighting strengths and opportunities for improvement.

The Tool also:

Provides a multi-dimensional view of the clients performance relative to social, environmental, and stakeholder indicators;
Identifies key areas of strength as viewed through the CSR lens; Illuminates potential weaknesses relative to CSR;

Identify opportunities for improvement in the realm of CSR development; Gather the different internal stakeholders to develop an assessment that provides a platform for a meaningful and practical dialogue about CSR/Sustainability.

Given the multi-dimensional nature of the assessment, the tool requires participation from internal experts to provide an honest and balanced look at the business. The client will be responsible for identifying the internal stakeholder team that will assist in the self-assessment, usually from human resources, environment, investor relations/governance, community relations, supply chain, and product development. The CSR Group recommends executive support and participation in this initiative. We will guide you (the internal point person) in the use of the Tool and how to best distribute it through the company to achieve maximum results. The time it takes a company to conduct the self-assessment depends on the company’s allocation of resources and time. The CSR Group recommends allowing approximately sixty (60) days to complete the assessment. 

The Self Assessment results can be mapped to the GRI G3, the DJSI, the CDP, and to One Report. The CSR Group conducts a strategic analysis of the results, makes strategic recommendations and develops a roadmap for a sustainability strategy.

The assessment also includes web-based training of the Self Assessment tool as needed for its deployment. Additionally, we have project management support available as needed to provide guidance in the use of the tool throughout its implementation. Both of these would be additional cost.  



The CSR Group works together with the client to design a benchmarking study built around the client’s goals. We tailor the study to focus on the area(s) of each client’s choice – from overall sustainability practices to environmental policies to stakeholder engagement or other matters of importance. Profiled companies could include industry leaders, peers, or best-in-practice companies. Our research and analysis culminates in a report and PowerPoint presentation. We generally recommend benchmarking five (5) companies, including the client company, utilizing twenty (20) sustainability indicators. Of course, the number of companies and number of factors utilized can be adjusted to best meet the client’s needs and/or budget. 



The CSR Group develops a better understanding of a client’s stakeholder relationships and helps to prioritize, leverage, and manage those relationships. Building an effective, proactive stakeholder engagement strategy will also result in more effective risk management and more meaningful and beneficial stakeholder relationships.


  1. Conduct a thorough stakeholder mapping of all key stakeholder relationships.

  2. From the results of the mapping, develop a stakeholder engagement plan for engaging key external stakeholders, and identifying and selecting a Sustainability/CSR Stakeholder Advisory Group.

  3. Ongoing guidance and management of the Stakeholder Advisory Group

Client Deliverables:page4image3703920 page4image3694352

  • A report from The CSR Group showing key stakeholders with prioritized recommendations.
  • Spreadsheets for each stakeholder sector, outlining each stakeholder within a sector’s interests/issues/impacts. 



The CSR Group LLC, in partnership with select environmental engineering firms, provides strategic carbon management and implementation with services including:

  • Carbon Footprinting - Emissions Inventory and Reporting
  • Offset Project Design and Registration, including the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  • Carbon Sequestration, Capture and Storage consulting (geologic, oceanic, agriculture, forestry)
  • Emissions Management through process improvements, energy efficiency, and alternative energy
  • Sustainability Assessments of projects and processes


Using the information and insights gained from the results of the Self- Assessment, Benchmarking Service, and Stakeholder Services, The CSR Group creates a strategic plan for sustainability within the context of the client’s unique business strategy and practices. This plan will also provide the foundation for reporting and will outline the strategy and methodology proposed for producing the Report, including highlighting key issues to be reported. 


We feel the best approach in producing a Sustainability Report is for the document to serve as an introduction to a client’s long-term commitment to sustainability and to set the tone and expectations for future comprehensive reporting. As such, the Report should strive to achieve a GRI “C” level, reporting on ten (10) metrics.

Below is an integrated process for developing a Report that will provide a foundation for future reporting, evolving in content and sophistication over time. The Sustainability Report is just one expression of the overall sustainability strategy. 

  • Determine goals of the client in creating the Report, including content and metrics.
  • Ensure Report communication is aligned with client’s business strategy.
  • Develop a detailed roadmap and timeline for the Report to guide the process.
  • Begin to design and create data gathering systems.
  • Consult with client’s marketing team to ensure that communication is consistent with branding and other marketing initiatives.
  • Develop an agreed upon writing timeline together with key contacts.
  • Deliver section drafts as they are completed.
  • Gather input in a timely manner and refine drafts to the point where they can be shared with those whose approval is required. We allow for two rounds of revisions, with additional rounds for additional cost.
  • Complete all writing and editing and obtain necessary approvals.
  • Deliver a full draft of the Report (24-48 pages). 

Companies and consumers are increasingly more aware that customers do not just buy products; they also buy the supply chains that deliver the products. The CSR Group works with clients to more robustly incorporate environmental and human rights best practices into an organization’s supply chain management program.
By working with our clients’ executive and operations management teams, The CSR Group provides strategic insight, audits, and program development services that allow our clients to ensure supply chain responsibilityTM performance. Leveraging expertise in supplier countries, The CSR Group delivers results by providing the following services: 

  • Development of Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Vendor Documentation/Centralization
  • Partnership with Vendors
  • Industry Best Practice Collaboration
  • Supply Chain Mapping (include a geographical risk assessment)
  • Risk-Benefit Analysis
  • Supply Chain Remediation
  • Back up Sourcing Plan
  • Verification/Auditing Strategy
  • Management of Audits 


We work together with our clients to develop customized training for in house training and train the trainer programs on CSR and Sustainability. These trainings can vary from web-based to in person workshops. The pricing varies depending upon the needs of the client.


Via our strategic alliances, we also offer services in the following areas:

  •  Strategic Risk Management
  •  Environmental Services
  •  Branding and Communications
  •  Green Building and LEED
  •  Sustainability Survey Streamlined Reporting
  •  Other strategic sustainability services 

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