Plastics Pollution & Your Brand

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Let’s address the big pink elephant in the room… 


or rather, the small plastic straw.



It seems pretty harmless, and if this were the only one we wouldn’t have to talk about it. The reality is we use 550 million straws a day in the US and the UK alone, and those 550 million straws area breaking down into another million bits of marine debris. Where do those micro-plastics end up? If not on your dinner plate, it takes up toxic space in the stomachs of marine animals, wreaking havoc on a hierarchy of ecosystems through biomagnification.



Cancer, toxins, and pollution..Don’t tell us twice - We know its bad. But do THEY? 


Find out how the global plastics crisis are impacting your brand and your business in our next webinar, presented by Lonely Whale Executive Director, Dune Ives.


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2018 Summer Webinar Series

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Our Complimentary Summer Webinar Series Begins May 23rd!

We are excited to announce our next (free) webinar series will commence shortly and will cover business-related topics through the lens of our oceans. Click here to register.

Webinar series will cover topics including Supply Chain Responsibility, Plastic Pollution, Sustainable Seafood, Impact and Branding This years' presenters consist of experienced professionals in their field of work. 


Paula IveyPresident, The CSR Group LLC

Paula is the president of The CSR Group LLC, a company she founded in 2002, which specializes in CSR/Sustainability Strategy and Communications. Over the past 12 years, CSRG has played a leadership role globally in the rapidly evolving field of Sustainability/CSR. Paula is also working on the straw-less movement by finding alternatives to the plastic pollution.


Dick JonesCEO, Ocean Outcomes 

As a recognized leader in global seafood sustainability, Dick has 30 years’ experience in the industry, including his position as CEO at Ocean Outcomes. Dick Jones works closely with fisheries to reduce fishery problems and help make them more sustainable. Dick also oversees seafood operations at HEB Grocery Co. and Whole Foods Market.


DuneExecutive Director, Lonely Whale

 As Executive Director, Dune designs and leads change-making ocean conservation initiatives to address key drivers of environmental degradation and species decline. Dune is also convening director of NextWave and was instrumental in getting the city of Seattle, WA to go straw-free.


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