Dreamforce and Sustainability

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This week Salesforce held their annual conference, Dreamforce, in San Francisco with 150,000+ attendees. This was a huge, well-run user engagement with multiple venues and "no corners cut" exemplified by the U2 sponsored benefit concert last night.(Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend that part).


Notably, there was meaningful consideration and action around impact.

Salesforce provided aluminum water bottles to attendees and purified water filling stations throughout the venue.

Lunch was provided for attendees in compostable containers so that it all went in the same bin.

A ride sharing app promoted carpooling. Free bike valet and shuttle buses were provided. had their own venue to support and showcase non-profits.

The conference was specifically beef-less on Tuesday.

Salesforce raised $ and awareness for RED to help end the plight of AIDS in Africa.

Salesforce committed to offsetting the emissions of the attendees on-site, as well as, their own employees' travels. They offered an option for attendees to off-set their travel through

How do I know all of this? They made the information available in their Dreamforce Event Guide creating awareness and participation. Having attended SEMIWest/Intersolar and IOT (internet of things) conferences this year, it was so uplifting to see CSR (corporate social responsibility) extended to such a venue. Kudos Salesforce.

And now to be able to charge my cell phone during spin class...

By Adrienne Pierce

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