Miguel Del Rosario

Chief Technology Officer

Expertise: Internet technologies, e-commerce, online marketing & social media, mobile applications, data modeling, cloud computing, media streaming, systems integration, and product design, with strong strategic and long-range planning abilities; skilled in defining product and technology strategies in B2C and B2B environments.

Creative, hands-on executive with over 15 years of experience leading software development, product design, and managing business processes to drive revenue and market share while managing costs. Results driven with unique background in software design and engineering, Miguel has expertise in  His diverse background covers engineering, product development, user experience, network operations, global outsourcing, and quality assurance. His technical background includes: parallel and distributed computing; high scalability and large system integration; SaaS; Web based n-tier and client/server architectures; object-oriented technologies; web services; communication protocols; SQL databases; video/image and 2D/3D graphics processing; machine learning, data mining, scientific and numerical computation and modeling. He is experienced working internationally and with teams distributed across geography.

Since 2005, Miguel has been an independent consultant with Zaium Projects, Inc., specializing in web and mobile applications, data analytics and dashboards, e-commerce, Intranets, websites, back-end systems and API’s, and Open Source development, with recent projects including: psychometric models for education and assessment; a large-scale industrial robotics interface; web tools for an e-commerce platform provider. In 2014, Miguel joined Ticketech International, a leading provider of products and solutions to the parking industry, as Director of Technology. In 2010, Miguel co-founded Agilid, an IT and software integration company providing virtualization and cloud services, high availability systems, unified communications, network infrastructure and security services, and special product development. In 2009, He became Architect and lead-developer of a real-time collaboration, conferencing, and social networking web application at Watchitoo, Inc. Prior to that, Miguel was co-founder and President of Creneaux, a production and technology company that offered solutions for the creation and distribution of personalized, interactive, online rich-media presentations to the enterprise for training, education, or product communication where he was also responsible for all technology research, design, and development for their object-oriented rich-media delivery and authoring platform. Before forming Creneaux, Miguel was Chief Technology Officer at Sorceron inc., where he lead a team of 60 engineers and was responsible for all product development and technology research efforts related to building a high-end 3D-based multimedia simulation-and-gaming network platform and authoring tool. In 1999, as Senior Research Scientist and Industry Liaison with the Real-Time Geometry Lab at Metacreations inc., he was a member of the team that developed MetaStream™, the de-facto standard file format and compressed encoding scheme, adopted by Intel and AOL Time Warner, for Internet streaming of 3D models and animations. Before that, he was a Research Fellow at the Institute of Telecommunications and Information Science (ITTI) in Poznan, Poland, doing research on video and wavelet compression and consulting on Video-on-Demand and digital cable systems for the 3rd largest Cable TV provider in Poland. In 1992, as Research Scientist and Sr. Systems Developer at nCUBE inc., Miguel was part of a small team that built the Operating System and Computational Science applications for the nCUBE supercomputer. He designed and developed the first parallel file system and multi-device input/output system interface for Massively Parallel Multi-computers that became the basis for the file system in IBM’s Power Parallel™ computer and was used as part of NASA’s Earth Observing Satellite data capture system.  

Miguel has been a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Engineering at Syracuse University, holds Master’s degrees in both Computer Science and Computer Engineering. The bulk of his research has been in the areas of: video, image, and 3D compression; image processing; parallel and distributed computing algorithms and protocols; 3D visualization and modeling; large-scale streaming servers and input/output systems; and computational physics algorithms. He has published more than twenty scientific and industry articles on image and geometry processing, massively-parallel scientific computing, and distributed input/output computer systems. 

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