Celine Steer

Expertise: CSR strategy reporting and communications, Business & Human Rights, materiality assessment, stakeholder engagement, public policy, international development

Céline Steer is a CSR consultant with  over five years experience in this field. She was a CSR consultant at Schuttelaar & Partners in the Netherlands, where she helped B2B and B2C develop CSR strategy and communications and support responsible practices of the Dutch presence abroad through its diplomatic missions and trade organizations around the world. She was also on the leading team for software development to manage, monitor, and communicate the CSR strategy of organizations. 

Prior to that, Céline worked at GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) headquarters in Amsterdam as the liaison between GRI and international organizations, including the UN Global Compact, UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights, OECD (Organization of Economic Cooperation Development), IOE (the International Organization of employers), etc.  She represented GRI at high level events and worked closely with the Deputy Chief Executive and coordinated the work of the Group of Friends of Paragraph 47 (group of 10 country governments promoting sustainability reporting policies).

Before GRI, Céline was a consultant in digital CSR communications at Lundquist in Milan, where she assessed the CSR communication of 300 of the largest European companies and supported clients in this field.

Céline speaks fluently English, French and Spanish, and is proficient in Italian and Portuguese. She has two Master Degrees in Sustainable Development (Institute of Political Sciences in Paris) and International Relations (Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations), and a Bachelor Degree of Communications & Public Relations (University of Texas at San Antonio).

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