Brigitte Johannessen

Overview: Brigitte Johannessen has three years of experience in social media communications, marketing, web development and graphic design - one of which was spent strategically managing social media for Well Aware, a non-profit organization that develops sustainable communities predominantly in East Africa. Combining her media and marketing skills with her education in environmental sciences and sustainability as well as her ability to do in-depth scientific research, Brigitte effectively communicates complex information to a broader audience.

During her final year at the University of Texas at Austin, Brigitte focused her independent research on the links between urban development, population growth, carbon emissions and energy efficiency in buildings. Her final work included a library of images of the Austin - Roundrock Metropolitan region that mapped out residential development and population growth over time, a research poster explaining the tie between buildings codes, energy efficiency and carbon emissions, as well as a short informative video summarizing the nature and impact of her research and this field of work. 

Combining her experience, education, and skills, Brigitte is able to develop and manage projects on different scales and timelines – both independently and collaboratively with a team.

Education: Brigitte holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from The University of Texas at Austin. Brigitte, a native Norwegian, is Fluent in both English and Norwegian and is proficient in Danish, Swedish, and Spanish.

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