Your Journey


“Sustainability”, “corporate social responsibility” or “CSR” are terms that we use to define a business whose goals are to achieve social and environmental progress.  Corporate responsibility is the expression of sustainability in a business context.

At The CSR Group, we distill these terms and make them practical for business as well as helping to achieve positive financial implications for organizations.

The CSR Group will meet you wherever you are in your journey and help clarify how this applies to your business, as it grows and as you address your stakeholders through your best practices. The result is a holistic, authentic, and strategic transformation of your entire business enterprise.

Are you ready to embark on a path to discovering what sustainability means for your business?”

In Practice

A sustainable business can be defined as one who takes in social, environmental and economic impacts, while mitigating risks and maintaining transparency to stakeholders; anyone affected by the organization. In the traditional term, sustainability can be termed as enabling present generations to be productive and thrive without impeding future generations from doing the same. 

The CSR Group views sustainable business to mean business practices that show reverence and deep understanding of the economic, social and environmental factors that affect the productivity and longevity of your company. 

Acting as your advisors on this ongoing journey to becoming a responsible business, we start with your core values and key material issues to develop goals that are well-aligned with your overarching mission.

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